At West Grove we are ambitious for all our children and we believe that their behaviour at school can have an impact on not just their time with us, but their outcomes in later life. We work hard to ensure excellent standards of behaviour so children can:

• Feel safe and comfortable to be themselves
• Achieve the very best both academically and socially
• Maximise their learning time without distraction or disruption

Our school rules underpin these aims and children are reminded of them frequently in lessons, assemblies, circle times and playtimes. We ask that our families reinforce these expectations at home to support the school expectations.

Our School Rules

Be Respectful

Be Your Best

Be Truthful

Be Kind


We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying at West Grove. Our anti-bullying policy sits alongside our behaviour policy to ensure the highest expectations of conduct from all our children. To further our commitment to a bullying-free school we have signed up to the Anti-Bullying Alliance Programme, they work with schools to improve the wellbeing of all children, focusing on those most at risk, including:

  • children and young people with SEND
  • children and young people who experience racist and faith-targeted bullying
  • sexual, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying
  • looked-after children, young carers and those on free school meals

To find out more visit their website: Anti-Bullying Alliance


We believe that rewards for children play an important part in creating a positive school-wide ethos. There is a weekly celebration assembly where children are rewarded for a range of behaviours in school. The staff also regularly reward children for following the rules, demonstrating our school values, listening, being on task, interacting positively etc. Within this consistent system, children may be rewarded through verbal praise, encouragement and additional incentives.


Children are taught that there are five steps of consequence for not following the school rules. Each child starts at the bottom step every day and teachers provide regular reminders of the expectations. Where a consequence is needed the child will be provided with a prompt and a timeframe of how they can correct the behaviour.

Step 1Verbal reminder is given and the child is given time to adjust their behaviour
Step 2Yellow warning card is given and the child is given time to adjust their behaviour
Step 3Red consequence card is given and child is sent for a timeout where there is repeated red cards
Step 4Missed playtime with the teacher on duty
The class teacher will also notify parents and discuss the incident
Step 5Sent to senior leaders office for lunchtime to complete a reflection task. May involve an internal or fixed term exclusion. Parent/carer is asked to come into school for a meeting, a behaviour incident letter is shared. The behaviour is added to the child’s record.

Children may be moved directly to Step 5 for a serious behaviour incident such as violent, threatening, abusive, racist or bullying behaviour towards another child or an adult.