Diversity Curriculum

Diversity Curriculum

At West Grove we are dedicated to appreciating the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of our children, staff and families.

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that diversity is woven into every subject. In English, children engage with a variety of texts that celebrate different cultures and perspectives. In history, they delve into the fascinating stories of civilizations from around the globe. Our music curriculum exposes children to a rich tapestry of songs, instruments, and dances from diverse traditions.

We shine a light on ‘hidden figures’ from the realms of science and art, inspiring our children with their stories. Inclusion plays an important part in our diversity curriculum too, as we learn about the achievements of those with learning needs and physical disabilities. These are just a few examples of how we embrace diversity across our curriculum, developing a truly inclusive school.

We do not tolerate any form of racism within our school community and children are taught to identify different types of racism and bias. We explore how societal influences, such as the media and education system, shape our perceptions of race, self, and others. By developing their understanding in these areas, we aim to empower our children to recognise the harm in racial bias and call it out. We are committed to ensuring that every child, regardless of their race, religion or learning needs, feels safe and respected.

We carry out a Diversity Month every March throughout which children engage in thought-provoking activities and discussions that promote understanding and acceptance. Through these experiences, they will develop an appreciation for the variety of cultures that exist within our school and the wider world.. This is an opportunity to reinforce our core values of respect and kindness, while teaching our children the importance of embracing differences. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all our children feel proud of their identity, recognised in our curriculum and valued within every part of school life.

We feel immensely proud to have such a supportive community at West Grove and value opportunities to involve families in the children’s learning. To celebrate our diverse community, we ensure regular opportunities for families to take part in school activities and to share their stories. We are grateful for the active participation and contributions of our families in creating an inclusive educational experience.