Early years

Early years

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage at West Grove Primary School. Within our setting, we recognise the importance of creating a safe, secure and stimulating environment, to enable all of our children to be confident to learn.

We promote children’s learning through the provision of structured activities, alongside opportunities to explore and discover through child initiated activities. As such, we are able to meet the differing individual needs and interests of all of our children.

We recognise that in order for children to learn and make progress, their curiosity, independence and imagination need to be developed. As such, we ensure that our provision promotes children’s critical thinking skills and resilience, whilst encouraging children to take risks.

Emphasis is placed on high quality interactions between adults and children to ensure they are exposed to good models of language and vocabulary throughout each day. We prioritise the development of personal, social and emotional skills, as well as physical skills, as we believe this will encourage the holistic development of every child.

At West Grove, we value the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers. In order to work collaboratively, we use the Tapestry Online Journal to share the activities and experiences that your child has enjoyed engaging with at school. It also enables you as parents and carers to contribute to your child’s learning journey by sharing home experiences. View our instructional video on using Tapestry here:

The EYFS curriculum

There are 7 areas of learning with 3 prime areas which build the capacity to learn Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 Specific areas; Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and design.

These 7 areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities. The staff teaching and supporting your child will make sure the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs and their ‘next steps’ in learning.

Children learn by playing and exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors. The curriculum is led by play, both ‘planned’ play opportunities and also by child-initiated activities.