Educational visits

Educational visits

At West Grove we aim to expose children to a wide variety of learning experiences and going on educational visits plays an important part of our curriculum offer.

Our educational visits allow children to enjoy activities and places that they may not otherwise have the chance to experience. It gives them a valuable opportunity to embed their learning and gain real-world context that cannot be taught in a classroom, strengthening their knowledge of the world around them.

You can see our overview of the educational visits provided across all year groups. These visits are carefully mapped out to provide a range of experiences across each child’s time with us. The visits are also designed to complement the curriculum experiences in the classroom and provide opportunities to consolidate learning.

We are very aware of the financial difficulties many of our families face and we want to provide a manageable way for you to contribute to the cost of these visits. Wherever possible we use public transport and visit free experiences available across London. However, some visits do incur a cost so we combine these and offer all visits for the year for a total contribution of £30.00 per year group (not including our residential visit to PGL for Year 6).

The £30.00 educational visit contribution is added to all MagicBooking accounts. This amount can be paid in instalments throughout the year to reduce the financial burden. We hope you find this arrangement helpful and if you have any questions please do contact the school office.