Home learning

Home learning

Home learning at West Grove Primary provides opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning. It enables children to practise and consolidate skills whilst enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning. Our home learning policy aims to ensure a consistent approach and clarity of expectation.

For Year 3 – Year 6 home learning is set every Friday with a timetable on J2Launch. Children complete the work online and in their home learning book. Children have a week to complete their home learning and teachers will check and reward children in class. The timetable on J2 can be accessed from the class folder.

For Early Years and KS1, home learning is sent home in their books on a Friday and may include phonics practice, letter formation, a maths task or other curriculum activities. This is in addition to daily reading expectations which are vital to support their early reading development.

Please encourage your child to complete their home learning on time and celebrate their achievements with them. Home learning provides a great opportunity for your child to take responsibility for their work, ensure that deadlines are met and develop their self-organisation skills.

Reading expectations

Daily reading is an essential part of our home learning expectations and all children are provided with home reading books matched to their instructional level (either physical books, e-books or a mixture of both). They also have the opportunity to take a library book fortnightly and this is recorded in their reading diary.

  • Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 provide a digital version of the book read in class that week, along with a physical book matched to their reading level. They also choose a book from the reading corner to share with an adult at home and to foster a love of reading.

For further guidance on using ECollins and reading with your child, see our instructional videos.

  • Year 3 to Year 6 use Accelerated Reader, so teachers can manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Your child picks a book at their own level that they are interested in, and reads it at home and in school. When finished, they take a short quiz at home and passing the quiz shows that they have understood the text.
  • Children’s Accelerated Reader book level is determined by Star Reader tests that the children complete in school. This test gives them a reading band and they select their books from within this band. We have a wide range of books in each band that children can choose from.

For further guidance on home reading expectations, see our instructional videos.

Maths expectations

Maths homework is set every Friday on Freckle Maths for Year 1 – Year 6 and is automatically marked so both children and teachers can see how they did. Teachers check to see that children have completed it and reward in class for effort and achievement. For more information on the methods we use to teach maths please see the calculation policies on the maths section of the website.

Fluency of number facts is essential for children to access every aspect of the maths curriculum and there are opportunities to practise fluency daily on Freckle. Please ensure that your child practises their times tables regularly using Times Table Rock Stars and Hit the Button and rehearse these multiplication facts orally too.

For more information on using Freckle Maths see our instructional videos.

Holiday projects

For each school holiday children are set a home learning project, usually based on the core text or topic they have been studying, to consolidate their learning and demonstrate what they have learnt. Children will be given a choice of activities that may include art projects, 3D models, computer presentations, posters or booklets. Children then share their projects in the first week back at school.