Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

SEND at West Grove

We have a very effective SEN team who support children with ECHP (Education Care & Healthcare Plans) and those identified on the SEN register as needing additional support by the school. Our SEN team are:

  • Yzelle Casey – Senior Assistant Head for Inclusion and SENDCO
  • Penny Zavrou – Lead teacher for our ARP ‘Rainbow Group’
  • Niki Andreou – Lead teacher for our nurture group ‘Butterfly Group’

Specially Resourced Provision (SRP)

Our provision is for children that have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and are also capable of some level of mainstream integration. The SRP (Rainbow Group) typically consists of 10 children, one teacher and one or two supporting adults. The children in our SRP all have a ‘home’ class in their respective year groups and join their mainstream classes where possible for subjects such as music, sport and enrichment.

Admissions to the SRP

Children need an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) to attend our SRP. Referrals are sent to us by the Assessment Team at Enfield SEN services. We consider the referral paperwork, visit the child in their education setting and assess against our admission criteria as to whether we can meet the child’s needs.

All admissions to the SRP are through Enfield SEN services.

If we feel we are able to meet the child’s needs, we would invite you to meet with us and look around our SRP. This would be followed by the admissions process. We are a SRP setting and so there are occasions when we cannot meet a child’s needs in our provision and the referral would be declined.

Nurture Group

Our nurture group is managed internally and is a morning intervention to support the teaching of core subjects. Children from Early Years and Key Stage One may be included in our nurture group if we feel they could benefit from additional support to access the curriculum. The intervention is a fluid group and the aim is always to reintegrate children back into their mainstream class. Children are registered in class each morning before they are collected for nurture (Butterfly Group).

Outside Agencies

We value collaboration and outside support, so we build strong partnerships with outside agencies and professionals working in the community. Recognising that some families may require assistance in engaging with professionals, we establish open and welcoming communication, where parents feel comfortable to approach us and seek the support they need. Our Inclusion Lead works closely with families and professionals to ensure the very best outcomes every child.