Vision and values

Our Vision

West Grove is a home of champions. A community of learners who aspire to greatness and value ambition as the path to success. In an ever-changing world we cultivate global citizens of tomorrow while we respect and nurture our planet today. We build room for champions to grow. Our beautiful outdoor spaces are designed to mould the footsteps of change makers. We inspire our children to think big and achieve their dreams.

As academic champions we celebrate ambition. Our learners flourish under the spotlight of challenge. They experience a diverse curriculum with creativity and community at its heart. Every child deserves a champion and we strengthen our school community through relationships rooted in respect. All are welcome here so we value inclusion and celebrate individuality.

We champion success and lend a hand when we stumble. Our expectations are high and we are not afraid to hold each other to account. We plant the seeds of curiosity and nurture growth. West Grove is a home of champions. Our priority is for every child to leave us prepared and excited for the next step of their learning journey. Our values build friendships, build character and build a bright future.

Our Values

We place learning at the forefront and have the highest expectations for our children in their academic and personal development. We believe in giving our children the strongest start in life, with values to live by. These values encourage them to consider their role in wider society and to strive for excellence.

Our values unite and guide us in all we do. They ensure we nurture a school community with shared vision for the journey ahead. Everyone at West Grove takes our values pledge seriously and uses it as a guiding light each day. Through a shared understanding of our values we are preparing children for the future. By prioritising our values we are growing responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Our Values Pledge

We are rooted in our commitment to build strong relationships. We recognise the differences that make us unique and the similarities that bind us together.

We are rooted in our determination to be our best every day. We recognise the achievements of others and champion their success.

We are rooted in staying true to ourselves and opening our hearts to one another. We recognise the power of taking responsibility for our actions and their impact on others.

We are rooted in nurturing and caring for one another and being kind to ourselves.  We recognise the importance of standing up for what is right and challenging injustice.


Respectful Reggie


Ambitious Amara


Honest Harry


Kind Keisha